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why you should choose us

We are proud to say that, with over 10 years of experience, our team is dedicated to deliver the highest quality training to make sure that upon graduating, students can be confident enough to build their own career.
With a small class size, students are able to receive maximum attention and guidance from our instructor.

Lifetime Student Support
Over 10 Years of Experience
State-of-the-art Facility
Small Class Size
Flexible Class Schedule

What does it include?

Microblading & PMU Class 1

Our Microblading and Ombre Shading Brows Class is an integrated course with both theory and hands-on practice, all included in a few days.
During our intensive course, Grandmaster Ann Nguyen will emphasize on different important aspects when training to become a successful microblade artist, such as bloodborne pathogens, skin anatomy, color theory, eyebrow design, as well as multiple techniques and necessary processes in a microblade procedure.
The trainee will also have the opportunity to work on live model.
Upon finishing the course, the trainee will receive a Blood Borne Pathogens Certificate and a Microblading Certificate from our academy. Our academy also offer students a complimentary Deluxe Microblading Kit, with enough tools supply for up to 20 clients and a Premium Ink Collection, and a Professional Micropigmentation Machine.




Microblading Course


Microblading & Ombre Shading Course


Full Course

Hands-on Experience
Business Consultation
Business Marketing Strategy
Content & Graphic Design
Bloodborne Pathogens Training
Standard Kit
Deluxe Kit
Microblading Manual
Professional Permanent Makeup Machine
Premium Micro-color Pigment Eyebrow Collection
Premium Micro-color Pigment Eyebrow & Lip Collection

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